The gist of the privacy policy

It’s all about being “concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible” and I am going to make this short and sweet to the point. And I hate small talk and other mundane conversations. 

This is really a one-woman show and I don’t have the time nor the energy to do anything with your information that may cause me to be in hot water. Although I love a hot shower. I am not a wicked person and have enough personalities that I don’t need to steal yours!


I don’t like cookies, I am more of a pie kind of gal. But the world of Internet loves cookies. Here’s the thing, if you are not a fan of cookies either, you can block them on your browser. Just don’t complain nothing is working properly!


I am not a scout but I use Google Analytics to see what kind of things people are looking at and so I can create more of it! I mean why wouldn’t I?

I also have the Facebook Pixel installed so I can sell you things. I mean, I am in business to make money, and I want you to spend your money on me. It’s a thing, really! The Facebook Pixel means that I can see how people interact with my site and with Facebook adverts and then I try to flag you down like you just hit a construction zone.

If you’re not on Facebook, kudos to you but the pixel is tracking you anyway.  

These things do not store any personal data about you but probably they nab your IP address but I wouldn’t even know what to do with that. I do see you and other people have interacted with the website in a particular way.


But what about the data? I do store your data in a few places and I am going to be transparent with you and tell you how it’s being used! Because of rules’n’things.

The website: If you register or purchase anything from my site and the links connected to pages and memberships, then I do have your name and email address, address and phone number if it’s given and purchase history.

Your payment details, however, are NOT held hostage on this site and I make a lot of effort to keep this data secure. This may impact what future ads you will see from me based on your purchase history. If you’ve purchased an ebook or a course or invested in yourself through one of my programs, I’ll occasionally ask you if you want more of the same.  Again, it’s a business thing.

ActiveCampaign: If you signed up for anything or bought anything on my site – newsletter, free challenges, paid courses, memberships, merchandise – then your name and address make it’s way to ActiveCampgain, which is the system I use to manage newsletters and emails. You can unsubscribe any time but click the thing that says unsubscribe!

Everlesson: All my courses and memberships are hosted through Everlesson. So when you sign up for any of my offerings, your name and email address and the course you want are residing there so you can access this anytime.

Easy Digital Downloads: This is what I use to share my ebooks and pdf’s with you that you can purchase directly from my website. So I will get your name and email and purchase history. 

Amazon/Kindle: I write books I cannot lie and use Kindle/Amazon for you to purchase them. However, I won’t actually know that you did unless you tell me. Which means I don’t get information about your name, email or the purchase history. 


When you invest in yourself, you will usually go through PayPal and sometimes Stripe. The only payment-based details I hold on my site is how much you’ve spent and whether you paid with Stripe or PayPal. I do not have access to your bank or credit card information.


If you sign up to be on my VIP list or for one of my challenges, I will send you a newsletter – every Friday. Occasionally you will get a letter from me on a Tuesday to share with you new offerings I have released or some other shenanigans I have going on. You can absolutely unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link that is in every single email. You name and email are safely stored in ActiveCampaign.

ActiveCampaign does tracking so I know what links you click and what you’re not interested in. If you open an email, I will know and if you don’t I will know that too. But I have little interested in all of this as I am here to change your world and it’s up to you if you will leap or not.

You have the right to be deleted

Listen I am not everyone’s cup of tea and you may outgrow the information I share with you. It’s cool, really. When you unsubscribe from my newsletters, I will delete your info without looking back. But if you have bought anything I may still have that email and name information you’ve given me, so if you want me to remove that just email me at But here’s the thing I cannot delete PayPal or Stripe information because I am not inclined to get in trouble with the law. Really I am a Libra and I am all about being legal and within the justice system. When you decide to be deleted, please know you will not have access to any courses because your email will let me know if you paid or not.

The thing about Social Media

I use social media every single day. In part to connect with you and in part to promote what I have to offer. But seriously, it’s a great place to get to know me. If you talk to me in my Facebook Group, we may become friends and things and I may say howdy in different places on the social. Don’t want that? That’s cool, just ask me to keep it cool. You’re not required to follow, friend or like me on any of the social places on the interwebs.  

Ok. I am off to do the things I do. 

Thanks for hanging around and reading this. Hope things are clear now that I won’t use and abuse your information!