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Pyrography, Crochet, Paintings 


Follow the history and you’ll find that pyrography has been around for a long time. The term means “writing with fire”, from the Greek pur (fire) and graphos (writing), and over the years, pyrography artists have taken it to new levels. Here you will find my take on wood-burning art!  


I started to crochet in 1992 learning to make doilies evolving to afghans and always ready to learn a new stitch. What may have been considered a skill done by our grandmothers has evolved so much to ensure that the art of crochet will never die out. Crocheting on a cold night in front of the TV – my kind of pastime.


Art is like breathing from the center of my soul for me. It’s the process in where I get lost and forget about the world for just a little while. This became even more important as my youngest faced a rare genetic disorder and living and surviving three liver transplants and doodling and painting found themselves in my life.


I’ve been creating art all of my life and I can’t imagine existing on this planet without it.  Sometimes the biggest challenge, when we want to be creative or learn a new skill, is knowing where to start.

So I created the Coloring Creatives, the Pyrography Academy, and the Crochet Academy to help it make it easy for you.

You get to choose the path of what you want to create below and together we will make art!

28 Years of Experience

Before the internet existed, I purchased a gazillion books and spend a lot of time watching arts + crafts shows on TV. 

I live for learning and creating to seeing the finished result!

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