Hey there, hi!

I’m Petra!

Welcome to my space on the interwebs! I love all things personal growth, music, art, words, and more importantly coffee.

So grab a cup, get comfortable, and let’s get into some shenanigans, shall we?!

Petra Monaco

I write books when inspiration hits because I have a thing or two to say! It wasn’t always like this because I had to overcome an internal dialogue that told me that no one wants to hear what I have to say. 

And then I kept writing and publishing and received a message that one of my books changed someone’s life – and that my story is inspiring, and that I am a mindset ninja of some kind. 

So I keep writing books when the inspiration hits me – usually about all things life and how you too can create change for yourself! 

And when I am not writing said books or blog posts or content for the Rebels Academy, or help people with their goals – I create art – lots and lots of art!

Through the years art has helped me cope with challenging times in my life – whether it was as a young kid who felt lost growing up in foster care, pregnant at 17 having to give up the bar life, or watching my son fight for his life post-liver transplant – art has soothed me, gave me space to just be and even healed parts I thought to be broken.

And I can’t imagine living in a world where I don’t create art!

My start in life was rougher than most, as I didn’t have a safe home with parents who loved me – although maybe they did – there’s no knowing for sure. And without a solid foundation, I was forced to create her own.

But it wasn’t until I watched my son fight for his life when I realized that sometimes, things have to be broken in order to create the space to rebuild. And for the last 18 years, I’ve been painstakingly laying a better foundation to build my life on. 

Someone once told me that I can’t have the cake and eat it too, just like my foster parents used to tell me that I would not be a success.

And every day I get up with the mission to do whatever I want – to write, to create art, to serve + help others on a similar journey forge their own path and create an abundant life on their own terms and definition of success. 

Because whatever success means to you, means something completely different to someone else and we shouldn’t live in conformity designed by someone else.

And through my blog posts over at The Rebels Den, the Rebels Academy, and coaching, I am here to help you figure things out, find the approach to life + business that works for you all the while having fun and make it a work of art.