Living a Handmade Life 

Too often we try to live a life according to the design of other people and believe we should go to a college that our parents approve of, have all the things that other people have and stick to the rules you were taught to live in. 

In reality we just want to be true to ourselves – messy, contradictory and filled with joy in each moment. A life that’s created by our own design that’s guided by your own intuition.  

A long time ago, you didn’t worry about what the kids on the playground thought about you. You walked down the street singing and dancing, roller-skated through life with an imagination that helped you feel alive. 

That little kid is still within you but has been hiding for fear of ridicule, judgement and damn sure didn’t want to rock the boat. 

And here you are, ready for the next step to finally release what you’ve been safeguarding for so long. But the voices of not being good enough, not sure where to start and having too many passions to choose from. 

And if you’re anything like me you’ve heard that you can’t make a living doing what you love and that it’s best to choose a career that pays well. 

And yes, you could totally do that – but the question is do you want to? 


If I told you that you’re not alone, would you believe me? 

Living a handmade life is about rewriting the stories you’ve taken on to believe, smashing through the doubts and fears so that you can do your creative thing or start exploring it once more just like you did such a long time ago. 

A handmade life is more than just creating art or writing books, it’s living a life by your own design that brings you joy, ease and abundance.  

Being true to yourself and who you are means you show up without a facade and it’s messy but it’s real. Finding joy in every moment through your own creativity is where the magic happens and life is good – really good. 

But when you feel like you’ve been living in chaos and you’re not really sure where to begin to get it all sorted – that’s where I come in. 

I’m Petra Monaco – Professional Rebel and Instigator for living a life of non-conformity 

I teach people to follow their intuition, to tap into their own creativity and follow their dreams that become goals that are achievable. 

I’ve lived a life of conformity for a long time – 30 years to be exact until I hit emotional rock bottom after watching my son fight for his life with a rare genetic disorder and the liver transplants that followed. 

I’ve worked hard to embrace my messy, contradictory self that ditched the living life the way everyone else did. I create whatever I feel like creating whenever I feel like doing it – writing, wood-burning, painting, and then writing some more. 

I know what it’s like to live in chaos since my early years in foster care and finding my own groove so that I can live a handmade life. And it’s my mission in life to teach and guide you to do the same. 

And I share all of this on The Rebels Den Blog.