Summer Camp has been an amazing experience from a mother’s point a view – from a counselors point of view and well from Lennon’s point of view. He has inspired me every day pushing through his fears.

As it stands with all things there are also some challenges and I see his social delays – so significantly by 2 years. Now it does not face him one-bit mind you – he is who he is and he’s so totally cool with that (me too by the way).

And yet I can’t help see that he is unable to connect with kids his age, that he has meltdowns because his feelings got hurt and he can’t manage them, or lunch is not looking good at all. When kids are asking about his scars he’s a little stuck in how to respond. Those are all areas I need to work with him on 🙂 but …

….those minor moments of struggle where my heart aches when he is not equipped to handle the social situation in which one peer is either being bossy or tells him to stop following him. He genuinely likes people and when he connects with someone and seriously likes them, he wants to you know to be their friend.

In Lennon’s world, friends don’t hurt each other’s feelings. And I get it, I so totally get it. However, the real world is quite different and not everyone can handle being friendly all the time – and so he shuts down and struggles to join others in the fun. Instead, he sits and pouts and I have to pull out all the punches to even get a smirk.

But this has been by far the best experience for him socially – yes he receives social interaction in school but there he has to be seated, gets pulled out for academics and only has 15 minutes of recess. At camp, he’s pretty much forced to be around peers from 8:00 til 3ish and he must interact with them through reading, crafts, park time, swimming, bounce & play and more. I see the good stuff 🙂

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  1. mooney=mc2 says:

    Love it! Way to push through, Lennon! This past weekend, a little girl (2 years younger than Corrigan) was at the playground. Corrigan was very interested in her, and she him, until she realized that he wasn’t going to play with her the way she was used to, and I overheard her meanly tell him “Go away, you stupid baby” and my heart shattered into a thousand pieces, but I stayed hidden and waited to see how he would handle it. I am not sure he even understood her, but he paused just long enough to make me think he knew at least a little, but he just went the other way and laughed down the slide. I can’t help him the way I want to, but he isn’t phased too much either, so I am trying not to be as well. This stuff is hard.

  2. It can be incredibly difficult and while I *knew* this already, since he has been attending camp I work at .. its in my face every day and I didn’t know.. but this kid is resilient.. at least that is what I am going with..

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