…nurses think that parents are not present in the room or even in the care of the child. When one thing grinds on me is that when people step on parental toes.

Example, Lennon receives a breakfast tray and needs to be encouraged to eat the food. While we do not stop him from eating chips, we do set the rules of when and how many throughout the day. If it means saying, “you will get your chips after you eat the yogurt (or whatever)”. No instead, some nurses think that if the child asks for a bag of chips at 8 o’clock in the morning, it’s ok for the child to have that.

The other thing is that when the child has meds due, when you are called away, come back to finish the rest of the medications. Don’t let the parent come after you to do your job, lord it isn’t that complicated, or let the parent do it in the first place. It really burns me up when something is started, and then not finished. It isn’t like a piece of art where you can do that with.

I have friends that are nurses and I generally like nurses if they are given thought to the parents and some considerations.

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  1. Well, it sounds like 1–mom and ALL staff are not on the same page and 2–you could use some sleep and a few hours off! This has been quite the ordeal, hasn’t it? Wish I could just jump on a plane and pitch in! (I’m in California, it ain’t gonna happen, but I wish I could help.)

  2. Barb,I appreaciate the sentiments! And yes I think staff and mom aren’t always on the same page. I did take a few hours off today, but sleep..well that will be another day.

  3. Arghhhh … so frustration! I hear ya and can so relate!I’m with Barbara … wish there was someway to help, especially so you could get some rest. Amazing how the body can survive on so little sleep, eh!?! It’s called survival mode … I sure hope you can switch that mode of sometime very soon!

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