If you have been hanging around my world, you may know that Lennon is doing incredibly well healthwise. We’ve not had any setbacks since 2014 or any other complications.

What has happened however is that at the beginning of this year (2019) he was officially diagnosed as autistic.

And that he just started 10th grade and we are getting closer to adult transitions and it’s a bit daunting to think about what that may look like for him, for us.

We don’t really know.

So currently we are in therapy to gain some skills to maneuver social settings, advocating for himself and learning other independent living skills.

In a few years, we will be deciding on power of attorney or guardianship an I am slowly learning what it all means, what we can or cannot do.

The main goal will be to help him live on his own, work a job and all that adult stuff and yes he’s capable of quite a bit but also still needs a lot of support and I want to make sure we are giving him all of the tools and resources available to him to transition from teenager to adult.

This is me going to share another part of our journey!

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