As someone who wasn’t too keen on math during my high school years, I never thought I would use a compass again but here I am working on another coloring book inspiration doing just that.

The inspiration came to me as I was creating the skull mandala you see below and really that’s usually how I find new ideas and projects. I think we often get caught up staring into space and wonder “what’s next” instead of doing things and allowing them to just flow.

As I was creating said skull mandala I had the idea of using spirit animals as a guide and then create a mandala around them – making the animal the focus. I don’t talk about my spirituality very often as that for me is quite personal but in this sense, I am drawing to nature and try to take multiple walks during the week to be outside. And that means I at times come across an animal here and there – not the usual squirrel I see when I look out the window but maybe an orange lizard crossing the road or a turtle on the trail.

I believe that we cross an animal it is trying to tell us something if we are willing to listen or even ask ourselves: “I wonder why this animal came into my presence today?”

The lizard is a survivor and fights to get its way – and I can see the relevance in that. As someone who has survived quite a bit I keep working towards my goals no matter what and the evidence is showing up and the turtle teaches us to create peace and stick to that creation with determination.

One of the things I have been reminded off since the Pandemic showed up is to stay focused on what I want to achieve and do the work. And I don’t have to do it out loud – I can do it quietly in the background and show up on the socials when it feels good to do so.

Creating art brings me peace and I set the intention to do something creative every single day – there are some days I am less successful due to client work or other business administrations but I have been 85% successful in doing art consistently which leads me to why I use a compass again.

Who knew I'd use a compass again

I think you can free hand mandala is you want to – in the past I created a template that I used for the Create your Calm Coloring book but this one I decided the compass and other drawing tools are more appropriate as I am centered each with an animal and they tend to vary in size. You can see a preview of the images below.

Not exactly sure when I will be releasing this one as I still have about 31 animals or so to go and then edit them and lay them out. If you want to know when they are available, get on my email list (scroll down a bit and you’ll see the form) and be the first to know!

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