Not much I must say. Lennon continues to be on the breathing tube. He, after coming off the antibiotics, had developed a fever again, and his belly began to swell. The c.diff had waxed and waned.

These days, his vent settings are lower, his belly size remains stable, his feeds have started again. However, when Lennon is on his right side (the problem lung) Lennon’s heart rate and blood pressure will indicate that he is not happy in his state of sedation. They TPA’d the chest tube, and he put out almost a liter and afterward required a blood transfusion. They are now using TPA every twelve hours to bust up any clogs/clods in the chest tube so that he can continue to get rid of the fluid.

His vent settings are being lowered so that he can come off the breathing tube. If everyone is happy with the settings, doctors, respiratory therapists and mostly Lennon, then they will take him off the breathing tube. This could happen by Friday, provided all goes well, or it could be at the beginning of the week.

Keeping in mind that Lennon, in his history has not made use of the “right settings the health professionals seem fit to use”. Lennon does what Lennon wants when Lennon wants it.

This is all I have for now.

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