The CT Scan showed that his colon..ok his whole bowl system is inflamed…the source…c.diff more than likely.

This could force/develop more fluid in areas where there don’t need to be fluid. He is currently on 4 antibiotics, most everything is via IV so he doesn’t have to take anything through the NG tube and his belly can rest. They are checking the kidney function and the pancreas functions as well.

The results from the biopsy are not in as of yet…so probably tomorrow. Oh, he also has nodules (sp?) on his lungs that could be either lymph nodes or from the yeast infection where little yeast balls have attached themselves.

He has several things going on, some are more clear than others now comes the time for the docs to figure out which ailment they will treat first and will it simultaneously (sp) take care of the rest. For now, he is on the breathing tube. They attempted to take him off, but he is too sick right now and this is probably how they keep him comfortable.

It’s been a long day of crying and emotions, praying and hoping. And though I have faith in the docs and faith in Lennon it doesn’t make things any easier eery time he goes through them.

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  1. So hard to see him on the ventilator again, but you’re right, it is best for him right now. At least he can sleep through the pain. Poor guy, always on and off the ventilator and the meds that go with it. His poor little body has to go through so much … and now this too.It’s hard to know what to think when there seems to be so much going on and no absolute clear answers or ways to treat the issues at hand. Pray that these medications help and quickly bring things under control. Also hoping for quick biopsy results … where did they take the biopsy from? I ‘m assuming the liver, but not sure you said.What an emotional rollercoaster you are riding. I am so glad to see/hear/read you expressing your fears and concerns as well as to read that you have been crying. It is so good to let out all these things, holding them in only make life more difficult at times like this. There comes a point where one just has to break down and let it all all … crying really is a healing balm. It doesn’t cure or answer anything, but it sort of gives you the strength to refocus and carry on.I hope that your other children continue to be able to carry on in such a responsible way. This makes it so much easier for you, even though it is still a struggle for them to be in the middle of this all. I pray that emotionally they may be able to continue to cope as well.Hugs for you and Lennon. Our prayers continue to go up for you.

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