… and not baby steps.

I haven’t posted in a while because there really hadn’t been any changes that were worth talking about. Today we have progress!

Lennon looks skinny (again) as most of the fluid has gone. He appears to be more awake as they have changed some of his sedation medications and starting on some withdrawal medications ~ beat it before it starts kind of thing.

His belly was at 65.5 cm yesterday, but this morning is back to 68 cm, which is where it was three days ago. One reason for this is that he has not gone to the bathroom for some time and might need some milk of magnesia or something to help him out. He has been receiving continues feeds and up until last night did ok urinating and having stools. He did run a slight fever that went away on its own and that could also be a withdrawal symptom. his white blood cell count looks good this morning indicating there is no infection, but as a precaution, they did send some cultures out last night.

I have been trying to stay busy as this waiting patiently can be quite nerve-wracking. I have hopes that Three Times Chaos can take off a little more to help support us and I can continue to stay home with him when he’s recovered.

I also keep busy with classwork and going to work. I am able to spend every other night at home with my other kids, and that has taken off some of the waiting game issues. When I decided I was going to expand on my business, part of me thought I was nuts…what more do I want to take on?

However, I have learned from the first 3.5 months in the hospital that keeping busy can help you keep sane to some extent. While every part of me wants to sit with Lennon every second of the day, for my own well being and keeping strong for Lennon that is unreasonable. It is the reality of that “Life goes on”.

The world doesn’t stop when one is sick and one does the things that need to be done. I had postponed discussing this aspect but realize again that this is soo many parts of taking care of Lennon and us coping with his illnesses, being there for him, while we continue to go on with the rest of normal life activities.

It is very difficult to be at home, (yes he is still alive and progressing to get better) and not see him getting into things, playing outside. Yesterday was quite a nice day and Lennon is the kind of kind that goes outside rain or shine. I thought about how much he means to us, me, his brothers, to everyone. How energetic he is, how busy he can keep us, how funny he is. His disorder and his disabilities have not impacted his spirit. He keeps fighting, from somewhere within that I admire…

People, who are complete strangers to me (us) in the physical sense, have supported has and continue to do so… it reminds me again the impact he has on so many lives.

Lennon is very much loved!

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  1. YES he is…and man if Lennon isnt helping us all to understand a little bit more about life! Take care guys! Always thinking of your family!

  2. I am so relieved to read your post today. It’s amazing how much can worry about unmet strangers! And yes, keeping on is hard, but necessary.

  3. Thanks so much for the update, even if little has changed, it lets us know how things are.Thank you also for letting us know how you are doing, this is just as important as knowing how Lennon is doing. I am truly amazed at how much you manage to balance in your life.*Hugs*

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