Lennon is out of Intensive Care!!!!!! We are currently waiting on a room but he is leaving the PICU. I am elated about his progress.

We do have to get him to eat, but this will take the time I think. This is a good day. In some aspects, its a sad day, the staff here at the PICU has been excellent in caring for Lennon.

We have come to love them, be their friends and share life stories with them. They love Lennon. But what is not to love about him? He is amazing with a shining personality. He has affected everybody in such positive ways. He is a miracle and keeps inspiring me each and every day.

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  1. Wow I’m so excited for you all. It’s so wonderful to hear the improvement Lennon is doing, even if the road ahead is still long, at least you’re moving forward now!! I totally understand what you mean about leaving the PICU and their staff behind … but hopefully you’ll quickly settle in on the Ward and feel just as at home there in no time. Better yet … hopefully you can start dreaming about going home sometime soon!!Praying that things keep moving forward.

  2. Your news continues to be wonderful and I’m sharing your excitement.

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