Watermill Pyrography is a beautiful scene of a Watermill which have been around for about 2,000 years to help grind grain into flour. Inspired by a pattern, the image was sized to fit on to the 9″ x 7″ piece of Italian poplar and has been with polyacrylic to protect.

You can see the progression of the work in the images below.

This wood-burning took several days to complete as I spend 2-3 hours at a time working on it as the depth and shadows needed to stand out to give it dimension.

When it comes to wood-burning, there are times when outlining your work matters and is a key element, for example being the building and wood planks. In other sections, it’s more important to not outline and shade the work to give it a more natural feel parts of the pyrography piece, like the rocks and the treetops.

If you like the watermill pyrography is available on a commission if you want to add something rustic to your home, cottage, or summer hideaway as it will sit nicely on a shelf or mantle or hang from the wall. This will also make for a memorable gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas.

You can order a custom wood-burning in different sizes and if the watermill isn’t your thing, then perhaps something else will pique your interest. 

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