Man o man, I have been busy though I have been trying to figure out exactly how and with what but I think life IS happening.  Although it is challenging on most days due to Lennon’s excessive OCD. It is very difficult for him to focus on anything else – his current obsession is mine-craft. Every conversation revolves around what he wants, if we have enough money he would like, and he needs this pack for the game, oh and can we can another Xbox so he can play split-screen with his brother.

Now breathe!

Repeat conversation as many times as he can fit it in before we all get too frustrated.

Now add some possible low self-esteem and working so hard to be just like everybody else – you know  – a real boy and you end up hearing this: I am sorry I can’t get that right, I will hurt myself, And we don’t even ask for perfection but simply trying to teach him how to do things and when he “messes” up, he gets frustrated and blurts out what he’s thinking and my heart sinks every time.

Again Breathe!

And then you go to the neuro-development doctor because its time to review how the medication for his ADHD is going and he gets on the scale and he lost 5 lbs. Not cool at all, but you wonder how this happens because when he comes home from school all he does is eat. Every 10 minutes he is asking for food until bedtime and even at bedtime – he’s starving.
The doctors not happy. I am flustered.


We are undergoing a medication change to hopefully still manage the ADHD but help increase his appetite during the day i.e. lunch. We do get several reports of not eating lunch. Sigh

In addition, I will be searching for a counselor to help him – but the challenge is whether or not Lennon has matured/developed enough to get the meaning behind cognitive-behavioral therapy. He is physically the right age but developmentally we are not so sure. So we’ll see but anything to help him feel better about himself and learn some coping skills too.

In other news, the hearing aid situation is going well. He’s getting an updated piece (clear with gold glitter) for the ear part. His choice 🙂
What else – well he’s a worker bee in school but still falls on the wayside and behind everyone else when it comes to academia – leaving me struggling on how to help him best.

He works very very hard and does all of his work – but he just isn’t there to get it all yet and unfortunately, he will be graded like another 4th grader (which is my frustration). I am wondering if a tutor would be beneficial or just stress “getting it” too much.

Parenting is always just a mystery.

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