• He loves Felix the Cat and Sonic – but this changes from day-to-day.
  • He loves video games and wishes he was old enough to play Halo.
  • He wants to be like Caillou and has a cat named Gilbert.
  • He loves his dog Sgt. Pepper and playing with Lego’s is his favorite past time.
  • He loves to dance – wild and crazy and snuggle with his mom.
  • He loves going to school and loves the weekends just the same.
  • He talks about his best friend and how he wishes they had more time.
  • He draws pictures anytime he can.

It’s Lennon’s 2 year transplant anniversary from his last transplant. All the things above I wouldn’t be able to share with you, had he not received this chance. His liver numbers continue to look good – he’s eating like a champ. His favorite is 2 eggs over easy and buttered toast; Cheese Pizza and Tomato Soup (not at the same time though); Ice Cream for dessert – chocolate preferably!

I am most grateful to the donor family who is still mourning their loss of a loved one but has chosen to give my son life.

There will never be any words to describe this!

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  1. Christy Judd says:

    I remember how sick he was when we met its truly amazing how far he has come. He has made such huge leaps I am happy for Lenon
    And the entire family

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