We just had a face to face with the docs. Umm Lennon is extremely critical. There has been some major blood loss… connectivity issues.. they have been giving him a lot of blood.. and done some temporary rerouting of some of the veins and such… they can’t find one of them (the portal vein.. it’s kind of important) so they connected the artery for a while so that the liver has at least some blood flow in and blood flow out… the docs are struggling… but they are keeping on… it ain’t going down without a fight.. but we are walking in the middle of life and death right now.. the doc said that they are happy with 20% of a functioning liver… its more than what he had with the old liver…

Update #2

12 hours and counting…. they are still in surgery .. but the bleeding seems to be under control. Now they have to figure out how to properly connect it all together…find a portal vein… and so forth
Keep those prayers, thoughts, chants, positive energy.. etc still all welcome and working their butts off


So as I said in my last update the bleeding was under control… they have been able to make the necessary connections.. yes we have a portal vein… and vena cava.. and yes connections are happening… they didn’t reconnect the bile duct… that will come in a couple of days.. there is irritation and swelling going on in the belly.. and so they are going to give it some rest before they will go in again and make him completely whole!!

Lennon is not out of the woods.. so pardon me if I am cautiously optimistic with a splash of hope… he has some recovery to do.. and I haven’t seen him yet either… ugh.. he is going to ICU once they are done cleaning him up a bit and finishing the last pieces…

Update #4

Lennon is meshed up and heading to ICU… Dr. said this was one of the hardest, toughest and most difficult transplants he’s ever encountered… even though Lennon’s blood-pressure dropped and they may be some potential neurological concerns and even though he had some significant dangerously amount of blood loss.. his heart.. well it never stopped.. not one beat…

There’s a lot of technical stuff the doctor said that I won’t gross you out with… Lennon will go back into surgery next week to connect the last issue – the bile duct. In the meantime, Lennon is going to ICU to recover from today.. to start some healing process.. one reason they are waiting is to keep Lennon strong and make sure he can handle it.. they feel that if they wait with the bile duct surgery… it will be better for Lennon due to the 15-hour marathon he just had in the OR.

I would like to tell you how I feel… but the words elude me at this time… I am anxious to the ICU to see him and let him know about all the prayers that were sent for him, about him .. well ok you know what I mean. I am beyond exhausted…and grateful to you all for being there/here with me in thought and prayer.

Oh, and can I tell you that the new liver IS WORKING!

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