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Lennon was very excited about his party and it was what he spoke about until it happened. We sat up the yard with a tent and decorations. We talked about kids coming over and other friends for him to visit, his daddy being there and of course presents!

Once people arrived, Lennon became a little shy – which is now the common theme, and I think it comes from a big overwhelming feeling that soooo many people have paid attention to him.

Anyway, he opened his presents and was happy with his “stuff”. We then decided to fill some water balloons and his brother showed him what they were and what to do with them and the sky lit up…actually his face carried a smile – which is also a rare occasion, especially with lots of people around.

The children then had a straight-up water-fight and Lennon in the midst of it with care by everyone around him.

Lennon was quite tuckered out when I tucked him into bed .. but I am pleased to tell everyone that he had an AWESOME party!

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  1. Barbara

    That's the best news yet!

  2. Steph

    Wonderful!! So glad that the party finally happened and that Lennon had a good time.

  3. Julie

    Sooooo neat! I wanted in the worst way to be there! My boyfriend was even going to fly me down but we were harvesting wheat unfortunately! Im soooo happy to hear all the great news and am still planning on making a visit at some point to see my little buddy! Keep it up Lennon 🙂


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