We recently had a consult with the Audiologist. The same one that six months ago said, she did not think a hearing aid would be a good idea. Lennon had a one-on-one aide in school that would direct/redirect Lennon as needed. However, the reality is that he will not always have an aide. At some point he will need to work more independently – its what we working towards. She agreed that a hearing aid would be the way to go and so Lennon while he played had his ear molded 

He wants a green hearing aid if he could choose his colors but he may be stuck with getting a blue one – he didn’t seem to dislike that too much. So in about 3 weeks or so we will give it a try. The nice thing is if the hearing aid is not “his” thing then we can return it and won’t use it. His hearing loss is so unique (and bad in this one particular spot) that we need to try it out to see if it even helps. Lennon will go to summer school so that will give us a nice trial run.

Overall he’s amazing.. the OCD is a little crazy at times and it’s always evolving. First just the Lego figurines, now its books, and YouTube (it’s all about Ninjago) and lists. Now that he can write the list-making has begun. It’s difficult to watch sometimes as he struggles with the obsession and anxiety that comes with it but for now we are able to manage (though bedtime looks lovely).

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