So the second surgery was on friday and it went well. There was some swelling in his abdomen so they left it open but covered and kept him sedated. This morning they closed the area and said that everything looks good thus far.

His liver enzymes are coming down which is a good thing and means that his liver is slowly but surely adjusting and working in him.

There are some concerns about his kidney because his urination decreased and while the transplant surgeons are okay with that, some numbers are coming back elevated that shouldn’t be. However, Lennon being Lennon he decided to do business in the OR so I am feeling pretty good about things.
They will stop sedation at 1:00 p.m. today and then take out the breathing tube and some other tubes once he is awake.

Lennon is a pretty lucky guy and more so he is meant to be here. He has survived the odds numerous times and he continues to defy them every step of the way. I am lucky and honored to not only be his mom but to know him, and I belief that he will do something great but also important with his life. I am just amazed that he has received not one but two livers in one week.

Thanks to everyone that has send us their prayers and thoughts; that has helped me and my family financially, emotionally and in every other step of the way.

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