So what is going on these days, well…

Lennon still has C.Diff .. what a persistent bug that is, but I am increasingly feeling that the longer he is in the hospital it will be tough to fight it, as this is one of the number one places to get it. They are trying to figure out what to do, what antibiotics etc but have to be cautious because of the VRE he contracted a few months ago, they don’t want to risk a full-blown infection.

Lennon has to be slowly taken off the TPN and Lipids before he will go at least two more days..depending on how he tolerates his feeds.

In addition to his calorie intake, he will require fluids like water or Pedialyte as to not become dehydrated and to avoid having him hooked up 24/7 they will have to do some number crunching and observation to see how he tolerates it all. I was hoping we’d be home this week which seemed to be the initial plan, but it just seems to be getting delayed more and more.

He is doing really well these days though because he is walking halfway down the hallways. While it still only maybe a couple of days that we will be here, the wait this time is …quite annoying. I think I handled it better when he was on the breathing tube…ugh … but he’s sitting up..watching his cartoons (some Disney, some nickelodeon, definitely Spongebob). I feel that some of Lennon’s behavior is back to baseline in which is feeling pretty good, which gives me an indication that not all of his behavioral issues from before have gone away.

However, until he is medically well we will not be addressing these issues.

This is it for now…my lunch has arrived.

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