We received the phone call, Lennon is on top of the transplant list. So now we have to be patient with anticipation, keeping him healthy and be grateful. I am battling to determine which is worse, the waiting or the surgery and I came to conclusion that the waiting is worse at the moment, but the surgery is scarier than the waiting.

My gradidute goes out to the donor that is helping to save my son’s life. Medical technology is amazing, but there is nothing more amazing than a person being an organ donor so that another person may live. I am an organ donor, always have been and I hope that many who read this blog, who may not be organ donors – please do consider it. I know sometimes religion, beliefs, life get in the way – but what an amazing gift to give – LIFE.

As I sit here – writing my thoughts to the world – I recognize I have given life and it is quite miracelous. Thus a donor would merely give the gift of continuing life.

As I think about what life maybe after the surgery – I can’t imagine it. The hope is that the UCD is cured per se and that Lennon will lead a normal and healthy life.

The question is will he recover from some of the brain damage he has suffered, will he catch up in his development – will some of the behaviors go away? I know, there is no telling until everything is said and done, but one can’t help but wonder about it. It’s a human thing to do eh?

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