About a month ago I started painting an animal series, simply because I felt called to do it. Little did I realize that this would be the start of the animal invasion in my studio.

I didn’t want the background to be white, so I created colorful backgrounds with 2-3 colors before choosing what animal was going to go on what background.

First up was the Giraffe that I painted. And I just love his expression on this sunset looking background.

Not sure what he’s thinking but it feels like he’s up to no good but in a fun kind of away.

But I didn’t stop there. I had several canvases of the 11×14 size and just began painting away. My inspirations often happen at random. It’s like I think of a piece of wood or canvas and then wonders what would look amazing on this and voila inspiration has hit.

As someone that grew up with the “Last Unicorn” as a favorite but not feeling like a unicorn myself, I painted this guy with a purple background (my favorite color) and then made him white with a black mane.

He is quite majestic looking in this piece if I do say so myself.

Painting with acrylics is a fairly new medium for me. I am much more of a crochet and wood-burning kind of person as that has been my primary focus in developing my skills during the last 20+ years. But I’ve always been interested in painting but didn’t think I had much of a knack for it. Apparently, I am wrong according to friends.

What are you looking at? I think it is what this bunny is trying to convey. While being really cute and such, he’s definitely filled full of attitude.

I think I like to paint my animals with a little bit of an attitude perhaps because it’s a wee bit within my own personality.

My painting frenzy is definitely fueled by wanting to improve and get better at it and defining my own style. Which I seem to be doing alright with. And the animal invasion didn’t stop there. Nope, it keeps ongoing.

I really love this portrait of the fox. It’s definitely making a statement and reminds me of the portraits that hang in the old castles and mansions of the important people that have done some amazing things or are an important figure in the family’s ancestors.

And I don’t know about you, but I tend to just go with it. I get an idea and roll with the flow of it all not really sure what the end result is going to be. So as I had finished all the backgrounds already, I set on to do the next piece and did a slightly different approach to this one.

The original plan for this butterfly was to fill it all in but as I started adding the black, white and grey colors I realized that the background was indeed perfect for the wing colors and so I let it be.

This is the point where I would normally say so that’s it but as I finished this series of animals, another series inspired me – also with the same theme but on a smaller scale. I will be sharing the second part of the animal invasion in my next blog post with you.

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  1. Beautiful. Will you be selling these in your shop? And will you be doing prints?

    1. Thank you! They will be released in the shop during the next few weeks and yes prints are planned for this as well.

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