It’s the season to simplify and organize and I’ve been feeling it for the month, I’ve been spending my time simplifying my process to run my businesses and creating a system that I can work with. This means making the most out of the moments where I tend to hyper-focus on an idea that’s become a project.

I think it’s time that we change what productivity means on an individual level – I mean getting things done is awesome – I am all about that because in order to achieve goals, you do have to make things happen. But If you can find a way that works for you, why would you not tap into that.

Let me give you an example or three!

5 years ago I wrote a book in two weeks because I was hyper-focused on the project. I woke up thinking about the book when to sleep thinking about to book and in-between the awake and sleep state I worked on the book.

About 4 years ago when I created my first coloring book, I spend every waking moment working on it from designing the pages, to the layout and you bet that at night I would dream about it.

3 months ago I had an idea for niche blog and spend a week setting up the website and blog, creating a years worth of content, and products to add to the shop.

I am currently in a similar phase of creating coloring pages for my Coloring Creatives Membership – while I already have a lot of pages from previous projects and such – there are additional pages I want to add every single month – and I am taking a moment out of my day to write this post because – well I thought maybe you can relate.

Because here’s the thing that happens that while hyper-focusing on a project to the point of obsession, you may be feeling that you are neglecting other things or that you are doing this whole productivity thing wrong – and if you obsess about something so you can share it with the world – how can it be wrong?

But this brings me back to my point of this post – because I am working on this new project – I do want to make sure I am also still paying attention to other moving parts to my business such as tending to my clients, writing blog posts for the Rebels Den but a few other things.

What’s been helpful is to do some of the things first thing in the morning such as checking in with clients and their project list and get them completed. My blog writing for the Rebels Den happens in batch session where I spend 2-3 hours writing blog posts for the week. Knocking things out of the way so I can work on the project for the rest of the day helps me stay productive but I also have a bit of a system in place.

I share all of this because no one operates the same and aren’t productive the same way. But the more you get to know yourself, the more you can adjust and define your days and ways to simplify and organize.

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