…when the person you love looses all mental abilities alas is incoherent, doesn’t recognize anything and is in a delirious state and all because of the ammonia going up.

Thursday into Friday..another night in the hospital…I had brought home a new kitten (naming her doodle ..short for doodlebop). I was heading to bed when I heard some commotion and sure enough, there was Lennon holding his blanket, rambling things that didn’t make sense. He had vomited and well his mental state was a clear indication he needed to be taken in right away.

I drove into town in the rain…it was not a good night for me because I was tired and exhausted, emotionally a wreck and well I don’t like to drive at night, I don’t like driving in the rain and I don’t like driving at night in the rain… but it didn’t matter what I like, this is about Lennon’s life, not mine.

As soon as we got to the ER, they drew his blood, got us cozy in the ER room and we waited – not only for results but a room upstairs. The PICU was full and no one could be moved – so other arrangements had to be made.

Level 309 – gasp – why why why? What is it that is not working so that we are in the ER every weekend. Sometimes twice in one week. We are noticing that his brain is shutting down when his levels go up, he begins to drool indicating, that this part of his brain is partially gone. We also think that the last two times of elevated levels have done more damage to his brain.

So 12 hours later we finally get a room on the floor – normal routine – Lennon wants a popsicle, he is hungry. He is eating his black olives, some french fries and drinking Pepsi.

Speaking of that, the weird thing was that this time he did not stop eating or drinking – he indicated being hungry – eating some baby food and drinking his tea or water – this episode was not normal in the sense of what we were used too. Anyhow, so we are in the room and blood is drawn – well wouldn’t you know that his level is 86 – we are going home!

Lennon is still kinda out of it but they had him sedated which he didn’t get to sleep off and so I suspect that is why he is a little croggy and down. He is kinda mellow – again not what I am used to – what damage was done to his brain? That is what I am wondering. And so the day goes on, we have dinner, take showers, take medications and go to bed.

Lennon slept through the night. This morning he is helping on the paper route – well because I have to go to work shortly and the papers were way LATE and so this is what works. And Lennon didn’t mind – he likes to go on the paper route.

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