It’s been just over a month since Lennon’s surgery and he looks fabulous. It’s like he actually has a 6-pack.. but seriously he has a stomach and not some bulge anymore. His scar is healing nicely – well it is healed at this point. There is some bruising on top that may be from some fluid that shouldn’t be there and it’s just being “watched” at this point.

We did notice a decline in Lennon’s appetite, which is also supported by the weight loss. He’s at 55/56 lbs and really should be 60/62 lbs. The discussion is, of course, to give him an appetite enhancer although I am not sure that increasing his appetite is really the problem. I am noticing that he wants something but then has a meltdown for one reason or another, like this morning… it was about the fried egg not being long enough and so he shut down and didn’t eat.

Yesterday it was because he didn’t want eggs but wanted pancakes and dinner is very similar at times despite the fact he will ask for a snack within 20 minutes of finishing or not finishing dinner.

It’s all a bit fuzzy and frustrating to work through at times but being compassionate and therapeutic with him often helps working it through. I realize that this is also about control and that is one of the areas he chooses to be in control of .. little does he know that I am hoping to add some cognitive behavior therapy to the mix once I find the “right” person that would be good to work with him.

In the meantime, I am totally good with where he’s at. Over the weekend, we went on a hiking trip on Skyline Drive. I think by the end we did close to 3 miles, which he did easily before the surgery.

On our way back, he started to struggle and perhaps it was a bit too soon, but he walked like the tough kid that he is. He stated that his legs hurt and not much more but he did it and was happy when we reached the car 🙂

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