Overall I’ve been crocheting since 1992 but in the last few years I had lacked the inspiration and motivation. I was trying to find my footing in the world specifically as I was building another business. I’ve been so focused on making a name in this world that I allowed the parts that make me, well me, fall to the wayside.

And then gifts from heaven found me and I am trying to get all the work done for The Rebels Den so that I have time to create. And I am in this place where all things have come full circle, everything I’ve done the last 15 years now makes sense and I can finally find what I prefer to call harmony rather than balance. This life, this work that I do is really the constant motion of the highs and lows that being an entrepreneur will bring to the table. It’s a dance where I often lead from inspired ideas to following what nurtures my soul.

The Hexagon Blanket was a continued gift – the colors, the pattern drawing me in and I couldn’t wait to start and finish it. Reminding me of snowflakes and wanting to do it in the hues of blues and white. But the colors of Rose Wine and Light Rose drawing me in and for the first time in a long time, I finished another blanket.

This blanket was started by someone else and as I continue to go through the yarn I was gifted, the projects started – I know some of them will never be what they were originally intended to be. But this hexagon blanket drew me in to finish it. I adapted the pattern which means it isn’t as big or thick as the pattern was designed to be but I can see me repeating this pattern in different colors of the sky or even rainbow.

• Materials Used: 100% acrylic yarn
• The hexagon blanket measures 43 x 32 inches
• Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold/warm water; machine dry low
• This item was made in a smoke-free home.

And I am off to work on the next blanket!

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