Its been a bit over a month and Lennon is doing amazingly well. He’s had a good Christmas – went to visit with his grandmother and great-aunt and uncle. He’s visited with Friends on New Years and spent time with his dad for a bit.

We just came home from a consult with the surgeon to discuss the hernia the reminder of the last transplant (anniversary is coming up on the 20th). We discussed why it needs to happen – we like the intestines where they are but if we don’t do this surgery – they may not stay there and that will bring all kinds of other complications. There are some challenges that are unknown – how much scar tissue is there? How easy is it to get through?

Will the mesh work or will he require pigskin? Which can make things even more complicated down the road if he were to ever have an infection – and let’s be real here.

Lennon is immune suppressed so that he will keep his precious liver and not reject it -well that also means he can get sick a lot easier than most. Well anywho, its a bit of a big deal as there are some things that could go wrong (a little prayer here okay?) – they could knick the bowel which if it’s not detected right away could cause some issues, and if you been with me along this journey – or heard me talk about it you – you know we’ve had some challenges back in ’08 with the bowels. Well, we will focus on that everything goes well.

They will also biopsy the liver, if and only if they can get to it without too many complications.

How is Lennon taking this? Like a Champ. He’s ready. We’ve talked about this surgery for some time and I think he’s anxious to get this done and over with and just be in his words – a real boy. My hope is that he will feel more complete.

So when is this thing happening?

Tuesday 1/14/14 Time? I will know this on Monday.

If you are nearby, local or want to travel to visit – I won’t stop you. I will ask to keep visitors at a minimum on Tuesday.

Lennon is expected to be out of school for a month – with hopefully only a few days in the hospital pending pain management. He could be returning to school sooner but that all depends on recover – but we’ll make sure he still does his work and more than likely he will receive home-bound instructions.

Of course, you can visit him at home as well if you like. Just please get in touch with me first 🙂 it’s all I ask.

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  1. mooney=mc2 says:

    Tell Lennon that we are thinking of him! Please update when you can!~

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