Today is the last day of 2009…and what a year it has been. The year has been an incredible journey of faith, spiritual, strength, courage, and hope. Lennon has come a long way, from a little boy who fought to live. But then isn’t that his story?

He patiently let the higher powers do their work, while he rested and healed not once but twice. Twice he scared us to death of fear, worry, and wonders.

Today he’s energetic (well working on that) and trying to be actives as long as his body will let him. He fatigues quite a bit but what a joy and what a hoot he is. He is funny and witty and while he often expresses “he can’t” ..he tries anyway. He does not seek pity, nor is he selfish. He does not see his ‘challenges’ the way we do.

This incredible child…WANTS to learn… WANTS to live.

As I reflect on our year with heartaches and headaches I must note that a wonderful and dear friend passed on. He struggled with his own disease but made his peace with it all.

And no matter what pain he may have felt or how people wanted to feel sorry for him, he often would say: “I ain’t shit compared to Lennon”. As of yesterday he’s at peace and pain free, he was one of the biggest advocates in our little town for Lennon, continously sharing his story. He will be dearly missed but always remembered in our hearts and minds. R.I.P John Matthews as you are now able to rock it out with the best of them. Play it and play out loud my friend.

Some things need to be shared, even if they don’t related to Lennon, but I think what impacts me the most is the impact Lennon has on people. His story rings true quite shy of a miracle and as we walk our own path of faith, we look around and above and belief.

I am in awe of this cihild who I can call my son. I am in awe of his spirit and the life that shines from his eyes. As we close this year, we look forward to the next… what will it bring? No one knows.. it is still one day at a time because tomorrow…we don’t know

Much love to all and a Happy New Year.


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