for Lennon to eat a handful of chips! This is literally what the orders say, perhaps not in those words, but close enough!

Lennon has moved from the PICU to the floor :o) So the questions and things that are going to be looked at are C.Diff and VRE testing to see if they still exist.

For Gastro, Nutrition, and Speech to get together in figuring out a plan to get him eating. Currently, he is on continuous feeds 25ml/hour. So they will look at the calorie intake he should receive and making sure that his intestines can handle everything ok. Speech can help in being playful with the food, encouraging him to eat.

The question is when are we going home? Will he receive a g-tube prior to going home? Or will they place the G-tube when they remove the stent that will need to come out in a few weeks?

In other words, what is the plan of action!

Overall, however, Lennon is doing really well. He is the boy I knew 6 months ago. He is funny, laughing, playing and being goofy. He wasn’t quite like that when we left Kluge. He appeared more depressed then. Now he doesn’t seem so depressed.

Today when one of the nurses asked him:” Are you better now?”, Lennon said:” not yet”.

But he definitely appears more upbeat. He gets tired out quite easily, and breathing is still not completely up to par but improving. Some mobility will help with that in time. Also, the second chest tube will come out tomorrow!

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