No really – he’s full!

During this last month, Lennon has had some mysterious vomiting spells and stomach hurting like ..well a lot. And then he developed some “accidents”, I thought were kinda over considering he was quite late potty training.

We thought he was maybe eating the wrong food to cause his belly to hurt.
Or may he was eating too much to the point of vomiting.


Took him to the doctor and did an X-Ray and literally the boy is stopped up with poo!

And they don’t make he’s eyes turn brown – they are naturally that way 😉
So over the upcoming weekend, we will empty the boy out from his poo and hopefully, he can return to some kind of normal.

Curious about how the boy got so full of poo? Well…

No in all seriousness, when he had his surgery (belly) and the medication, a combination of the two have him a bit constipated and the poo cannot go anywhere.

So, we will help the process along but not until the weekend so that hopefully by Monday he’s empty of the poo and won’t have the runs too terribly while in school.

But here’s the thing… this isn’t all of it. Did you know that?

His lab (blood work) is mostly beautiful, except that he’s anemic.
And he has protein in the urine – this one we knew because we have been meeting with the kidney folks for the last year but they feel we have a handle on his medication management.

But that anemia.. ugh – but this should also be solved with a simple step … Multi-vitamin with Iron ..Flintstones’.. we’re the Flintstones’.. oh sorry getting off track…

He’s also not gaining weight, despite the fact that he eats .. a lot. BUT he’s growing, tall!

I hope we can get rid of the poo and do not have to go with a more invasive method of cleaning the boy out…

Well, anyway I have managed to talk enough about poo today.
Carry on … because he surely will 😉

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