If you have had to have an IEP meeting.. or have to have them regularly as we do – you may feel apprehension about going because you know the only reason the IEP is needed is due to the fact that your child is struggling. I find myself often noting the negative thoughts surrounding an IEP or the struggles my kid is experiencing because he missed 3 years of school because he has suffered brain damage due to high levels of ammonia in his system. I struggle with the notion that he may always be behind.. but then…

I go to his IEP meeting and I hear about ALL of this progress my kid has been making and while there is still SO much work for him to do and catch up on – his team believes in him and it absolutely shows! The delay continues to be consistent in the range of 1-2 years but he has made a tremendous amount of progress.. don’t ever believe that my child can’t because he will prove you wrong every single time.

  • Lennon is reading.
  • Lennon is doing math.
  • Lennon is enunciating and pronouncing his words
  • Lennon is learning how to interact in social settings.
  • Lennon is learning to tie his shoes.

And if that does not inspire you enough – not only is he doing all those things.. he LOVES doing all those things.  There is such a joy in his eyes when he knows he has mastered something or when he is able to share what he is learning and you get to see how he is applying it to his world. He is doing fractions.. one of those things I struggled with – he is totally doing them. He is writing stories and I see a future author in the making.

Clearly his world is not all roses and some days are more difficult than others – there are only so many times I want to hear about his birthday or what Lego set he wants (his two primary focus’ in life).

But then I go to this IEP meeting and I observe his teachers and therapist and can see the hard work they have and continue to put into my kid – and that its not just a job for them. And I am grateful. And I am going to have to remember to be less negative about these IEP meetings.. cause well cause they are only there to help him not help me remember how difficult it been but the progress he IS making!

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  1. mooney=mc2 says:

    Ours is May 21st and I am anxious. I know it is going to be hard, because we finally get the IQ testing results etc. but I prefer to have the hard facts, as opposed to the teacher just telling me he is “doing great!” every time I ask. I am glad Lennon is doing so well! Man, I hope we get the same results some day!

    1. 🙂 One of the easiest things to do is to believe in our kids and know that they can.. we don’t know when and how – but whatever they are meant to do – it will happen!

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