So, Lennon was awake all day!! He fell asleep at 7:30 but was back up by 9 something. So I feel like the changes we made with the formula have made a difference! Of course, the nutritionist and some of the other folks still feel he’s not getting what he is supposed to have ..again according to what 5-year-olds should have.

I can’t stress enough that he is not the typical five-year-old. My partner, calculated it up that prior to transplant, he never took in more than 900 ml of fluid, and that his diet, well you know he snacked all day long, there was merely no set schedule for him in food intake because we trust Lennon that he knows what he needs…it is a known secret that children are well aware of what their body requires and that they will eat accordingly.

Alas, while I still cook with the food pyramid in mind, that does not mean that younger children will eat all what is on their plate. It’s a key element to trust your children’s instinct, ok well at least for me it is.

His mood has improved just in the last two days..again since we made the changes in formula and not harping on him to eat as they wanted us too. Of course, he is not eating what THEY want him to and may want to make changes in a couple of days. He is low on vitamin D, calcium, phosphate, etc etc etc ..well there are supplements for that eh?

This, of course, could be why he is complaining about his leg hurting a guess is that all these therapies while working on getting him stronger are hurting him a bit…well if I was to go workout today, tomorrow I would be sore… see makes sense to me…

I am glad to see him be funny and play. Last night after he woke up we played with his bouncy ball, and he actually had a real laugh. I think that some of his muscles still kind of hurt so it was not quite the laugh I know, but boy this laugh was just as good. He showered me in “I love you’s” and while before that would have been tooooooo much on me, I now cherish them.

I do recognize that he has regressed in some ways, and that some things appear a bit difficult. His healing and recovery will take years to come in many ways, but we take it.

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