Technical Issues and a long overdue Update!

Alright, here’s the gist of it… shortly after returning home from Pittsburgh – the company I was using to host the original website went kaputt. I have saved a backup but I am unable to restore this backup (if you know how to do it – sent me the info).. and have been trying on and off since that time…. leaving the pages of the blog blank.. well no more.. so much has happened (all good) and so much is still happening for Lennon that I must continue to write (right?)!

So let’s start with the fact that Lennon is AMAZING!

His liver is beautifully working in his little body. His labs continue to be stable with no concern.

Lennon is fully functioning in school – with the help of his aide – he is slowly catching up and learning. He is still 2 years behind his peers and everyone works diligently with him!

Lennon is partially deaf in his left ear ( so speak to the right ha!) – we had contemplated getting a hearing aid for him but the doctor was concerned that with his ADHD it would not work in his best interest. He has an aide in school that helps him understand the instructions from the teacher and he seems to be managing alright without too much complaint.

The doctor was very curious about the reasons of the partial deafness – seems Lennon has done the odd/rare thing again 🙂 – speculation allows us to believe that with all the tests in his past (CT-SCAN, MRI, CPAP, etc) one ear was protected since he perhaps was laying on that side, while the other side was exposed to noise his ear could not tolerate. Anyway, we will review the hearing aide option when a) he no longer has a one-on-one aide or b) he goes to middle school.

OHHHH and before I forget – Lennon no longer has his feeding tube.. at this time he is eating well and maintaining a normal healthy weight for one 9-year-old boy!

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