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During the years, when Lennon was fighting for his life and especially after he was well enough to be home, it became clear that being self-employed would be key in order to manage his health.

But I can’t do this alone, as it takes a village to help this mom to keep her sanity and everyone in that village to cheer Lennon on as he reaches milestones.

So what can you do?

The perhaps easiest way to support my family is to share what I do with someone you think will like them or post about them on social media.

The Rebels Den – this is my life and business coaching blog for creatives who are ready to follow their dreams and focus on their goals. There are daily blog posts to be shared! And maybe if you’re ready to unleash your creative inspiration in the world, you can work with me!

Create a Handmade life – this is my art business! I crochet, wood-burning and make jewelry and occasionally create a painting. You can share the work or even buy it if you like it enough!

Buy me a cup of coffee!

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