Stent removal procedure is scheduled maybe sometimes tomorrow, at least this is the thought and the game plan for the moment. When Lennon had the transplant there was a stent placed in where the bile duct was connected and generally they tend to fall out on their own, but in Lennon’s case this didn’t happen.

When this doesn’t happen, there gets some junk and gunk build up around it, behind it and everywhere and can cause some problems. The hope is that when it comes out he will feel better and we can be attempting to go home this weekend. If this doesn’t do the trick, they will have to do something else, but not quite sure what this something else might be.

Right now his belly is really hurting him but it is unclear why he is hurting. It could be that he feels sick or that there is some cramping going on. While the docs think he looks good, I on the other hand do not think he looks that hot. Then again, he could now be depressed of being here (again) and his affect and mood are a good indication. Or I could be off on this completely.

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