It can be challenging staying focused while the world is falling apart. I’ve been intentionally spending time away from social media – with minor exceptions when it comes to my businesses or I had something humorous to share.

I simply can’t handle the sharing of posts without credible sources and it all feels like a bad soap opera with the whole he-said she-said – and then of course conspiracies are rising up like a bad fiction novel that forgot to put the scenes in some kind of order so that it actually makes sense.

We had lab work at the beginning before social distancing was the new way of life and I am happy to say all looks well! And since Lennon’s school been out and we are social-distancing as much as possible – I live with 2 essential workers – I’ve been spending a lot of time outside working in the yard.

Something that tripped me up early on is the bare shelves in the grocery store and I wondered how I would be feeding our family. My past trauma of abandonment and neglect came to the forefront and just how fearful I am about not having food. Staying focused on the lack outside of my home wouldn’t benefit my own well-being, let alone my family.

What’s been helpful to find my balance again is to plant our vegetable garden and keep at least 2-3 weeks worth of food in the home. It’s keeping my anxiety at bay and I feel tremendously better as I am acknowledging just what causes me anxiety and what I can do to heal it and alleviate it.

In the meantime, Lennon has been perfectly happy in his room with only stepping out when he needs to use the bathroom or get some food. I pondered taking him on trails to get exercise but with his immune suppression and past health challenges, I am just not comfortable in doing any of that. As of now, he’s not complained about missing school as he actively video chats with his friends.

And it go me thinking, we’ve been here before – maybe not in the scheme of things with the whole world participating. But after his transplant we limited the places we went and stayed away from people who were dealing with a cold or anything like it. I think we are able to find comfort in this knowing we came out of it on the other side – but also still worries and concern for Lennon – or anyone in our family – to get infected with Covid-19.

And so here we are, Lennon is in his room video-chatting, gaming, reading and doing some school work, while I am taking care of clients to help them manage their business online and achieve their goals. And I am able to spend a ton of time outside and creating art.

Every morning, I sit down with my planner to review 3-4 things I am grateful for, 3 things I am excited about and what my focus is for that day – because staying focused on my own dreams + goals is pretty important to me.

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