Quoting John Denver today!

I was reading through the comments today and yes my emotions and my stress level are stretched probably to capacity on most days, as I am always on edge about the next second, which seems to be evidenced this week with a headache/migraine that doesn’t want to go away. Of course, in addition to Lennon’s care, there is other real-life stuff going on adding to the mix of things.

Yesterday, Lennon cut his finger on a nail on a cabinet…nothing dramatic perhaps for you and me, but for someone who has coagulation issues and clotting either does or does not happen this can be challenging at best.

Lennon was a trooper while the adults in the house were a bit panic-stricken but we maintained and did the bandaging, and watched very closely. Thankfully the bleeding stopped, but this morning, when we took the bandage (gauze and tape since Lennon will not keep on a band-aid)  it, of course, started to bleed again because as the gauze dried in with the blood it pulled the cap/clot right off. So we bandaged back up and are leaving it alone (sort of). We are keeping an eye on him and what he does with it.

He was a little tired today, took a nap and perked right up. Now he’s in bed sleeping like an angel. Today I observed Lennon differently. I am used to him being emotional in order to get his way or simply because he isn’t feeling good. One of your dogs got off his chain overnight and it appears that he was hit by a car.

This afternoon we dealt with the aftermath of looking for our dog, finding him in a ditch and explaining to the kids what happened. I was talking to Lennon’s brother (Jarod) and Lennon asked what had happened. I told him that Draco got hit by a car and died, and this might sound harsh but I just couldn’t sugar coat this one.

Lennon yelled: “that’s not fair, he’s never coming back” and with that buried his head into his blanket.

I still have a difficult time putting into words how this affected me. I know that Lennon was close with Draco (not as close as with our other dogs, but close). He loved that dog. At any time he would be in the back yard playing with all three dogs. He literally watched him grow from puppy stage to big dog. It is a sad day in our home. We picked Draco from the first puppy litter Dakota (mom) had with Tank (dad).

I don’t know how this will affect Lennon if at all in the next coming days and how I will be able to react to it. With that said, I will say good night and thanks for reading as always.

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  1. Hoping that today and the next days turn out okay and Lennon is able to handle the loss of Draco. Also that Lennon's wound may heal quickly without any further issues.

  2. I am so sorry to read the Draco story. I have 4 dogs currently and would be grief stricken if something happened. Wishing you the best, as always.

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