With added medication such as Lasix, they have been able to get Lennon to get rid of it and they have been able to lower the vent setting some. Small progress is good and the docs seem hopeful while still very much concerned.

An ultrasound showed that Lennon has several pockets of fluid that the chest tube can’t rid of on its own, and so they will go in tomorrow to remove and drain as many bubbles as they can. They will also do a bronchial procedure to get a specimen of Lennon’s lungs to see what it is, alas does he have a yeast infection in the lungs?!

Further, they will talk to infectious diseases to see what can be done about antibiotics, are there too many, not enough, etc. He is still positive for the C.Diff and they are going to treat it through the NG once again.

Everyone’s positive thoughts, energy, and prayers are appreciated.

Some minutes are easier than others. I still try to keep busy as to not get overwhelmed and too concerned, but sometimes a song, a word, a commercial will bring to reality how sick my little boy really is, and how much I miss him.

I have been able to spend a little more time with my other kids, but often that means not being with Lennon but having to have faith in the care that he receives. Trust is always an issue when it comes to your kids and someone else is taking care of them. You become very aware of the nurses and doctors and either learn to trust them or you don’t and then you make decisions from there.

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