I just released the Sleeping Dragon Wood-Burning Pattern and I am excited on how it turned out. I don’t consider myself the best pencil-drawing artist, but I think I can manage the line art for a pattern.

I love dragons and when I looked at the piece of hickory, I thought it would make a create wood-canvas for a sleeping dragon. I didn’t want to just have a dragon on this piece, I envisioned a whole scene that you may see if you were to walk upon a dragon in a cave.

I thought to incorporate some of the natural grain colors would help bring this idea together. I always love it when you can blend art with nature in a way that just seems to blend with ease.

This wood-burning pattern and video workshop shows you the use of three different wood-burning tips: the writing, skew and shading tip.

The writing tip I used for the trees and bushes, the skew for the crystals on the cave ground and the shader for everything else.

The project took about 5.5 hours and I squished into a 15-minute time-lapse video from start to finish.

One of the biggest challenges in using hickory is that its hardwood and really grainy which can make this quite intimidating. But as I am looking at the finished project, the sleeping dragon wood-burning pattern turned out exactly how I imagine this particular piece of wood.

You can use whatever wood you prefer or have handy and truly make it your own work of art. This is what I love about line art without showing you where the light and dark areas are because you get to play with your own imagination and play around.

The pattern is available with and without videos depending on what you prefer.

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