Sitting up and being ornery

So it’s been less than a week since Lennon came off the breathing tube. He is now sitting up for an extended period of time, poking fun at people and being ornery, though only sporadically. He is still dealing with withdrawals and not quite back to normal, but he sure looks good!

He is currently watching TV and wants to go walking! For someone who has been down without any mobile activity, he is amazing. Sitting up, with the belly still swollen a bit is quite a feat. The docs have deemed him unbelievable but in a good way! He is allowed to drink, but I think food is still being held at bay, at least until he hollers he wants to eat.

Today PT will come and work with him and then the school teacher will be by later today as well. That is if he’s not sleeping!

There are moments where he is laughing with heart. We played the stretch our limbs game and he had a blast, even if it was for only a few minutes. Last night, he was not able to drink anything but could do swaps with water to “rinse” his mouth.

I explained to him he had to wait, his response: “Watch your mouth”. So typical Lennon and a bit ornery, but also placing the docs in their place (I think).

They are not sure what it will take for him to go home, but probably close to where he was the last time. His breathing should be without oxygen requirement, and he should be holding his food (NG nutrients i.e. pediasure) down pretty okay. Today they are taking out the arterial line, and perhaps Wednesday or Thursday they will take out the chest tube!

Lennon steps!

This is what we have for the day. I am thinking more frequency in most will be in order, as there are changes perhaps every day.

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  1. The Daddy

    to see the short guy smile and laugh again bring feelings that I can’t describe in words… still cautious but feeling alot better and hoping that everyone knows how much we appreciate all the thoughts and prayers and realize that Lennon still needs them as he still has a long way to go


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