Seeing shapes for drawings isn’t something I paid attention to when I started wood-burning. Why?

Well because there are plenty of patterns to purchase in order to get started and the biggest focus is shading. So now that I am challenging myself to draw and don’t let me investments go to waste, it’s really like going back to basics – like when we first learned to draw as kids.

Training myself to see shapes may be a bit more challenging for me – not sure yet. But that’s what today’s lesson was all about. Seeing the shapes in geometric form and then bringing them into an organic shape.

Seeing shapes for drawings

Drawing the landscape in geometric shapes first and then giving them a bit more of a natural feel wasn’t as complicated. I hope that I can do the same as I venture into drawing characters from geometric shapes.

My goal is to turn the pictures I have taken over the years of landscapes for wood-burnings into drawings. I know I easily could do that with Photoshop and have done several wood-burnings that way, but I also like the idea of composing new images when I am able to combine different elements.

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