As I sit here I was reminded again that life is too short…tomorrow is the first year anniversary of Lennon’s liver transplant and Saturday will be the first year anniversary for the second transplant…I tell you its been a crazy year, but what I am constantly reminded of through lennon’s ordeal…the not knowing if he will be here tomorrow…life is too short to not fulfill your dreams and follow your heart. Lennon has brought forth valuable lesson’s despite the heartache and the pains we have endured.

Lennon is the icon for having a will to live. I often think that at any point…when we didn’t know and when we knew…he could have left us on earth…but he fought..his spirit was stronger and is stronger than I have ever seen before.

I often hear that he gets that strength from me..due to my own personal life story, but he is more than remarkable to me.

Lennon’s diagnosis has encouraged me to pursue my dream career …a counselor to help children and adolescents…and in 9 months I will have accomplished my degree to pursee that dream. He is a constant reminder to stay true to yourself and true to your heart. Nothing is impossible and everything can be overcome.. you just have to have that will

I have been struggling with the book ..and I assume its because I am still hurting with parts of the pain we have endured, part of it the fear that it can change in an instant …but I know that I must find closure and at the same time I want other people, people of this earth to know that there is hope despite all the heartache..and that ultimately they are not alone in their journey..somewhere out there…understands

I want to continue to thank the people who have read the blog, commented on the blog to ask questions or simply to give an “internet” hug .. or simple encouragement.

Life is easier now but it isn’t easy by far..there are still obstacles we need to overcome… but it is one day at a time minute a day… Lennon steps… we call them Lennon steps

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