I’ve been going through some of the wood supplies I have on hand and found a stack of Rotation Wood Board with Glass Insert. And found myself in the throws of being inspired and adding a few designs of the quite boring looking rotating boards.

These wood boards are not meant to be used as a cutting board but as a serving platter – think cheese, cold cuts, vegetables and fruit for when you have company over.

I loved the Cheese pattern from Walnut Hollow Pattern Books. The style of the patterns feels vintage – which I actually love quite a bit, that old school craft feeling.

And how cool would this be when you have friends over?

And then I thought, how cool would it be if I used one of my Mandala designs for one of those wood boards. I originally created the Mandala for my Calm Yourself Colorful Book! And it did turn out better than I expected.

I have a few more designs that I think will do really well.

I love Silence of the Lamb and Hannibal is definitely my favorite Character.

I first read the book when it first came out and then watched the movie and Anthony Hopkins was absolutely stellar in his performance. It’s also the movie that made me like Jodie Foster!

I also created a time-lapse video of the Hannibal Rotation Wood Board! From sketching the draft to the final product it took about 2 hours. The video is squished down to about 5 minutes.

I will be selling these cutting boards for about $50 + shipping (3.99)! If you are interested in one of these or a different design, please contact me! I have three blank rotation wood boards left.

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