The pyrography cafe is open! One of the things I have been wanting to do is to teach people about wood-burning and I’ve finally have begun in the pyrography cafe.

There’s something about creating on wood that’s calming but also exciting. I tend to struggle a little more with pencil drawing and it doesn’t come as easy to me as wood-burning. I think the difference is that with pyrography, I am working from an outline and when you are drawing you are starting from scratch.

Pyrography Cafe is open
One of my very first wood-burnings

And I’ve been wood-burning since 2005 but fell into it on pure accident. I was working on some macrame jewelry and thought to myself “self, wouldn’t it be cool if you’d design your own wood beads for your jewelry”?

Self agreed and I was off to the craft store to purchase my first wood-burning tool and in 6 months I upgraded to a better wood-burning pen! Before I knew it, I was getting requests for commissions and it became a foundation of the art that I do today!

It sometimes feels like a lost art in some ways and I get excited to see other people wood-burning and showing off their work and talent. This is why I want to share this craft with people and teach them to tools o the trade so you too can create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

And the pyrography cafe is open for you to get started with free lessons and information!

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Inside the Pyrography Cafe you will find:

  • The Art of Pyrography
  • 10 Tips to get started with Wood-Burning
  • The Tools for Pyrography
  • What Material is safe for pyrography
  • Guide for using Wood-Burning Tips
  • Creating a Wood-Burning Sample
  • Wood-Burning from a Coloring Page

I can’t wait and see what wood-burnings you will create!

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