The other day I went to the craft store because I needed yarn for a custom order and spend some time walking down the aisles and seeing what else they had that I might need because well you just never know!

We came across these wooden cutouts and I liked them enough that I got them to see what I may do with them.

One thing I had in mind was to go vintage old school design that you would see on these ornaments and I did do a few of those but I then had another idea!

I absolutely love the Gnome Ornaments! I am intentionally leaving the other side blank so that it can be personalized with the words of your choosing at no extra cost – just make a note during the checkout process of what you would like it to say.

The only thing I then needed to decide on was to add color or leave it as is and well I chose to add colors but only to the hats and I am so glad I did.

I have plenty of blanks left as well to create custom ornaments in this style as well as create these with different color schemes – just contact me and let’s chat.

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