Sometimes experimenting with pyrography and paint is what brings you to love a piece of art you were working on.

Awhile back I did a wood-burning of a western town. I loved the idea and concept but I didn’t love the result And as things go in wood-burning I had a few options. Either sand the piece of wood and “erase” the work I had done, throw the work into the fire and be done with it or add some color through painting parts of it.

As you can see the sepia is beautiful but my challenge was that the horse didn’t stand out and everything was just kinda blending together. When working with different shades of the same hue that can happen and I could have probably gone darker in some of the areas but that didn’t sit right with me when I had finished it initially.

I have a ton of work-in-progress laying around because sometimes pieces are not done like it’s missing just a little something, and I like to step away for a bit and come back to it at a later time. Which is what happened with this Western Town.

So this past weekend as I was clearing out my studio with finished and “waiting to be finished” creations, I thought adding color would probably be the key to this one.

Here is the before and after from me experimenting with pyrography and paint and really, I love the painted version a whole lot more. I still retained some of the pyrography details but the paint gave it a little some extra.

Which is why I ended up adding color the Eagle Mandala as well which is part of my latest coloring book.

I am making a few edits on the image for more clarity but it will be in the store some time this week. Also, if you are interested in a Mandala Pyrography I am open for commission work!

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