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Rotating Cheese Board Pyrography


  • Rotating Cheese Board
  • 13″ x 13″ Lazy Susan Wood-Board
  • Protected with Shellac

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Rotating Cheese Board Pyrography is a wood-burning of cheese and bread with the word Cheese. The wood-burning is on a round rotating wood board measuring 13″ x 13″ and has been protected with shellac to protect the art from fading. It comes with a glass round so you can impress your guests and make entertaining easy.

This pyrography was inspired by the pattern from Walnut Hallow Farm Pattern.

  • Rotating Cheese Board
  • 13″ x 13″ Lazy Susan Wood-Board
  • Protected with Shellac

Rotating Cheese Board Pyrography is a wonderful and rustic addition to your kitchen and dining get-togethers. This will also make for a memorable gift for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

Not recommended to hang in direct sunlight as the sun can lead to fading of the art.

I started wood-burning on accident when I wanted to create my own wood-burned beads for my macrame jewelry. I discovered that I have what appears to be a natural talent for creating pyrography and dove head over heels into the art and the rest is history as they say. I discovered that people really appreciated a handmade gift over the store-bought versions that come across as thoughtless and just another useless thing to add to the gift pile.

Creating is my obsession and what started out with just crocheting back in 1991 has now evolved to be my way of life where handmade surrounds me every single day. Creating a handmade life has provided me the opportunity to work from home and be present when my son has doctor’s appointments or anything else related to his liver transplant or autism.

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