Be Do Have Coloring Book


  • 50 Pages
  • 10″x8″
  • 300 DPI



What would you like to be, do and have? This is a collection from the Be Do Have Coloring Book!

Creating the life that we want goes deeper than the external world and all the material things in our lives. The change we seek has to start within and I created this coloring book with that in mind, to help you be, do and have more from an emotional and introspective level.

Some blank space has been left intentional on some of the pages, so you that you can add your own doodles and artwork and really bring in what it is you want to be, do and have.

Some few words about affirmations. In my own practice, they have helped me change my thought process but they guided me to feel con dent as I worked towards creating the life I wanted.

What Affirmations Do?
• They motivate.
• They keep the mind focused on the goal.
• They influence the subconscious mind and activate their powers.
• They change the way you think and behave, and this can align you with new people, who can help you with your goals.
• Positive statements make you feel positive, energetic and active

Make a commitment to take a time out and pick a page from the be, do, have coloring book for 45 days and watch yourself be more confident.

Coloring during a moment you are struggling and feeling stressed can help you bring a sense of calm and by engaging your creativity, new ideas, and inspiration more easily.

black and white coloring page instant download

  • 50 Pages
  • 10″x8″
  • 300 DPI

This is an instant download printable coloring page for you to print on your own. There is no customization service included. This is a digital purchase; there is no physical item to be shipped.