Lennon is the definition of perseverance if you have followed his incredible story you, of course, know this already 🙂
Let me tell you, at the beginning of summer, Lennon hated the idea of camp and leaving his comfort of watching YouTube videos and playing video games.

During the first week, he shared with me that he actually likes summer camp and is happy that he is able to go and participate.
While those are his own little changes of attitude, it is not what I wanted to share.

What is so incredible about this is that two weeks ago, Lennon was pretty scared of the water other than his regular bath of course. Even though water has always been his calm, as he got older and healthier he naturally developed fears. He’s very attracted to the water and I could see the determination that he would overcome whatever it was that was holding him back.

It all started with him going down the green slide and he struggled to get himself together. He shared with me that he felt like he was going to drown. He expressed that he wanted to learn how to swim. However, first, he needed to get comfortable enough to put his head underwater.

The first week of camp, he played in the pool like he’s always had to develop his friendship with the pool and the deeper (3.5 feet) water. We went swimming at the nearby pond with a ring, where he was able to continue to make his acquaintance with the water and show me how to peddle his arms and legs.

One of the camp counselors even attempted to teach him how to swim but he was not ready to dunk his head underwater, which will be a requirement for his swim test.

I watched.
I watched him practice holding his nose and going underwater.
I watched him move his arms and kicking himself off from the bottom of the pool with his feet.
I watched him practice trying to float, kicking his arms and legs as one does when one tries to swim.

Today..today he was able to float.. no wait.. he was able to swim while not far… but he did it. He showed me how to move his arms and legs for 3 feet.
He showed his camp staff what he worked so hard to do.

Time and time again he shows us that if you want something you must be persistent and you must persevere.

You don’t give up and you don’t quit until you get it.

It is quite rare that Lennon will walk away from something and decides to quit.. and as I try to recall a moment where he may have – I just can’t think of any.

I am so very impressed with him and proud 🙂

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