I recently had a parent-teacher conference for Lennon and I tread them every single time because I tend to already know how it will go and reminding us where he struggles the most.

And yet at the same time, it will give us insight on what specifically we may need to work more on without pushing the kid to the breaking point because really he likes school and secondly, well he loves to read… who knew right?

Lennon is failing academically BUT he has made a tremendous amount of progress at the same time. It isn’t enough to be on the same level as his peers but its progress nonetheless and we will celebrate that!

Something that should be celebrated is the friends Lennon has made. He struggles with social anxiety and it isn’t an easy thing for him but he’s been able to be with the same kids for several years now and has some good strong bonds with them. Of course, this aids to his disorganization and distraction because having ADHD isn’t enough 😉

These conferences really break my heart though because he works so hard or much harder than most. He is pulled out for math and some other academics spend time in speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy to help him gain the skills set forth by today’s standards that he should meet.

A few more tools have been set in place in which he requires more support i.e. making sure he actually brings his homework home rather than chatting away and “forgetting”.

And yet, for Lennon all of where he is right now – is totally good enough.
Not necessarily easy and I do hope for more (parent thing I suppose) but I recognize that this is where he is and that next year he will not be in this same place.. because there will be more progress.

Any progress is better than no progress!

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