Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies

My partner loves peanut butter, like mad. I am one of those that has to be in the mood for it. These Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies go great with a glass of milk!

You don’t need your organs when you’re gone

You don't need your organs when you're gone - and that's a fact. It's April and that means it is organ donation awareness month. The reality is that without organ donation my kid wouldn't be here today - it gave him a quality of life that the urea cycle disorder...

Chilled Mediterranean Pasta Salad

This chilled Mediterranean pasta salad packs a lot of interesting flavors into each bite. From the peppery taste of fresh arugula to the salty appeal of Kalamata olives, preserved lemons, and Feta cheese, there is nothing bland or boring about this dish. Yet, its...

What creativeness interests you?


Coloring is a little bit more than just fun – it can reduce stress and anxiety and act as a form of active meditation.

Coloring Lounge

Get started with Free Coloring Pages!


Learn how to get started with wood-burning, the tools of the trade, and creating a one of a kind piece of art.

Pyrography Cafe

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Learn how to get started with crochet, the terminology, and a variety of stitches and patterns to create amazing things with.

Crochet Bistro

Crochet Bistro

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Changes in latitude – a move ahead

Changes in latitude – a move ahead

Changes in latitude = changes in attitude! 31 days and my partner is Texas bound. I will be following in 2022 and there are reasons for that. Lennon has one more year of high school left and he's also transitioning into adulthood and as someone who has a disability,...

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April Coloring Pages

April Coloring Pages

April showers bring May flowers but I am hoping for a lot more sunshine and while rainy clouds are part of the April coloring pages theme - so are the flowers. The pages include monthly and weekly overviews, gratitude pages, goal and money tracker, and meal planner. I...

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Petra Monaco

Hey there, hi!

Welcome to my space on the interwebs! I love all things personal growth, music, art, food, words, and more importantly coffee. Hi, I’m Petra. Introverted Rebel, author, artist, teacher + coach, doer of things, and a mom to 3 boys – one with some extra needs that have forever changed my life. And this is our life! 

Grab a cup, get comfortable, and let’s get into some shenanigans, shall we?!

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Free Coloring Pages

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